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Atlantis, Bahamas

Dreamy beaches ☀️ Water slides. 🛝 Amazing food 🍱

What's more to love?

Oh yeah... you can camp on the beach in a tent!

This is the perfect place for relaxation. Kids love the waterparks, dolphins, and carefully curated games. Honeymooners love the Cove for private intimacy and white glove service. We love the amazing blue water, detailed rooms and friendly staff.

There is something for everyone at this famed resort in one of the most beautiful beach locations in the world. Welcome to the Bahamas.

Let me take you there. Call today for a booking! 806-781-6098

Check out these AMAZING pictures from a recent client trip. They raved about the clarity of the blue water, stunning snorkeling and pristine white sand. Plus, the marine life adventure let them camp in an adorable tent right on the beach. It's called Marine Life Camping Adventure. So cool!

Jellyfish video- so cool!


Marine Life Camping Adventure. Kids ages 6+ can camp from dusk to dawn in these super cute tents right on the beach! Includes s'mores, dolphin swim and more. Comes with early morning access to dolphin area, concierge service, and Atlantis backpacks with all the cool camping stuff.

Look at this water!

What do you think? Can you picture yourself here? The Bahamas never disappoint.

Let me take you there. Call today for a booking! 806-781-6098

Love, Kristen

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